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Digital Marketing

Want marketing that delivers on your investment? You need to reach the right people, at the right moment, in the right way.

Website Design & Development

Want your online presence to build your bottom line? You need a website that works hard FOR you 24/7.

Graphic Design Graphic Design Graphic Design Graphic Design Graphic Design Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Want your messages to be memorable? You need material people can feel, read, pass on, and keep.



Want your brand to stand out, connect, and engage? You need a brand shaped by the right values that differentiates itself.

Graphic Design

Our Approach

We believe the projects we work on are successful because we always take a strategic approach from the start. Only by properly understanding where a brand currently sits, and envisioning where it wants to go and how it wants to develop, can we design and implement the right solution. With our energy, expertise, and experience we can then ensure that every piece of work is focused, results-driven, and tailored specifically to meet the needs and goals of each client.

As a project progresses, we regularly crosscheck that our activity remains focused on the purpose of the project; is working towards the required outcomes; will be of genuine benefit to our client; and will help our client realise their goals.

To achieve all this, we have built a team of talented individuals who can offer a complete marketing design solution, in-house, under one roof. We have the confidence to push boundaries, utilise a wide variety of technologies effectively, and help our clients flourish. If you’re keen to work with an enthusiastic team of specialists give us a call or connect with us!

Terry Kendhammer
Managing Director


These are a selection of recent projects we are proud to have worked on.

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Who We Work With

When we founded Bubble, our aspiration was to develop expertise and experience in many industries. Our belief was that knowledge gained in one market could be used to great effect in another market. Eighteen years on, that aspiration has become a reality and we now have an exceptional portfolio of clients.

From start-ups, to SMEs, to global corporations, we regularly take an active role in the brand positioning and marketing of many successful businesses. Whether you’re a small enterprise, the UK arm of a multi-national, or a medium sized organisation keen to flourish… we can help boost your bottom line through effective design and marketing.


Keen to build your brand, your credibility, and attract new clients? You need to get your messages right from the start… We can help.


Marketing matters and you want to grow… but producing a website, brochures, and running social media eats up time. We have the experience, energy, and expertise to help.

Marketing Experts

You’ve got the strategy and brand sussed, but you need creative support with experienced marketing know-how that understands brand guidelines… That’s us, and more.

Large Corporates

You have a strong brand and a successful marketing department managing it. But when ad hoc projects requiring a keen branding eye do arise, you need experienced help on tap… We can help.