Bubble is an innovative and results-driven design and marketing agency.

We work with busy marketing teams in large corporates, ambitious SMEs, and entrepreneurial start-ups. We also provide experienced support to other marketing experts in the field.  

On every project, we ensure our clients benefit from enhanced branding and marketing exposure which then converts into an enviable RoI.

The in-house Bubble team is a carefully chosen, highly motivated, focused group of specialists; each individual dedicated to channelling their expertise into achieving meaningful results for our clients. We believe our portfolio showcases just how much our commitment to realising this objective translates into a successful outcome each time. Please… have a look

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Meet the Team

Terry – MD & Co-founder of Bubble

I believe that outstanding design is the bridge between a business’s goals and its customers. It is what prompts interaction and engagement, which then translates into a significantly enhanced return on investment and healthy bottom line. I formed Bubble with a simple vision: to evolve as markets evolve; help clients adapt to the changes we see; create a rich environment for all those we work with as well as those who work for us; and ensure we enjoy what we do. I have one mantra - everything is possible, you just need to start.

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Caroline – Web Developer, SEO Specialist & Co-founder of Bubble

I originally trained as a graphic designer and my passion was typography. I loved the precision and creativity it takes to make words create a beautiful design. Nowadays, this has since transcribed into making code do the same thing – turning lines of text into a functioning, well-designed website. But that’s not my only role at Bubble… people describe me as an all-rounder – working on anything from design, to website coding, to SEO, to marketing. But I’m also known as the ‘detail queen’, which clients thank me for regularly. And all this variety gives me tremendous satisfaction every day.

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Alison – Digital Marketer

I’ve been working in marketing for over 10 years and have built up a wealth of experience. My background is in digital marketing; I have a passion for SEO, online advertising, analytics and all things digital. I love creating written content for search engines to find and to give the website user useful information. Conversion tracking is another aspect of digital marketing I find interesting. Setting up a goal and seeing the conversions come through is really motivational and great for the clients. Having previously worked on marketing in-house, it’s great to be working in an agency. The range of clients we work with makes every day exciting!

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Lauren – Lead Digital Designer & Animator

Working in the world of digital design is a dream come true for me. It’s exciting; every project is different. I have a deep felt passion for fresh and contemporary styles, and am fascinated with how they can be applied to both print design and UXD. Whether I’m working on a restaurant menu, a website visual, or an animation, I relish the challenge to bring something new to a client so it will make a difference to their business. In my job, there is never a dull day.

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Maya – Digital Marketer

I recently completed my degree in Fashion Marketing where I learnt so much! My main enthusiasm is social media marketing, where I get to help build a client's business on different platforms and create content that aligns with the brand's values. I also love creating new and fresh digital designs, keeping up with the latest design and colour trends to guide my work. My favourite part about working in marketing is being able to see my creativity and work out in the 'wild'. Working at an agency means I am expanding my knowledge constantly while adapting to a range of clients.

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