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A brand is built on attention to detail; it doesn’t just happen. And only can a brand that reflects a set of values, whilst differentiating itself from its competitors, build a lasting connection with a customer. By bringing those criteria together through a well-developed strategic plan, your brand will be positioned in the right place within your target market, and it will have an identity that embodies a mission with which an audience can engage. It takes time, but it’s worth it. So how do you get there?

Only once you’ve clarified your values, vision, and positioning, can the design work begin. You’ll then need a logo, and guidelines for imagery, tone and voice, and colour palette. And these will feed into your corporate stationery, website, brochures, social media profiles, and content… All promoting a consistent message; all fully supporting your brand.

How can Bubble help with my Branding?

The good news is we can help with every step of your branding journey. And once your brand is established… we will then ensure it continues to communicate, engage, and stand out.

What makes up a good brand?

Every business needs vision… backed by a mission; and the same goes for a brand. The vision and mission of a brand are supported by a set of strategic goals, and those goals are what inspire a branding strategy. Without vision and a clear mission, your brand simply drifts. However with them… it has focus. Focus to engage with the right audience, connect with their values and vision for their lives, and remain in the forefront of their minds ongoing.

Understanding the vision and mission of your brand is THE forerunner to understanding your market.


Every brand has a personality, an identity. Take the first brand that pops into your mind and you’ll find it will engender something meaningful… to you. It could represent quality, commitment to customer service, trustworthiness, longevity, or any combination of things, but what it will certainly do is represent something. And that ‘something’ is what connects that brand to its products in the minds of its target audience.

Engender that identity in the right way for the people your products can satisfy, and you’re on the path to having a strong brand.


You have a vision for your brand and it’s supported by a clear mission. You understand the identity of your brand and the values it represents. Your next step is to clarify who your target market is.

What challenges do they face that your products or services help them to overcome? What do they like? What are their interests? Who do they connect with… and why… and where? A poorly designed brand that stands out like a sore thumb may get you noticed but it risks alienating your target market completely. So having a clear picture of who you’re aiming to appeal to, will ensure you can work out how to connect, engage, and please.


When you have a clear understanding of who your audience is and how your brand can connect in a meaningful way, the next step is to work out how to present your messages. Colour, imagery, tone, and voice, all these are influential elements in your quest to engage. Are you tapping into a modern mind-set? Then your choices have to connect on that level. Are you seeking to reassure an older generation? Then the approach you choose has to make them feel there’s a meeting of minds.

Imagery, tone, and voice are key ways for your brand to connect on an emotional level and authentically hook your audience.


What part of your market do you want your brand to own? Where do you want it standing head and shoulders above the rest? In whose mind do you want it to spring first?

Brand positioning has many facets, but whichever ones you tap into it’s about making your brand distinctive and relevant. To position your brand correctly you’ll need to consider its distinguishing features, where it sits on the value continuum, and what messages it conveys to others when bought. Is it an entry level or high-end? Is it utilitarian or luxury? Is it cutting-edge or established?

Sounds like a lot of hard work, but get your brand positioning right… and your brand will start working FOR you.


Want your brand to stand out, connect, and mean something to your market?

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