CSC/DXC Literature & Event Graphics

A range of marketing materials for a global brand in the healthcare sector where the boundaries of the brand guidelines were pushed in a way to connect with the UK & Ireland market.

The Project

CSC (now called DXC Technology) came to Bubble to assist with delivery of several marketing outcomes, including product brochures, infographics, banners & exhibition graphics, and promotional videos that were either created with traditional footage shot on location or created from graphics and image stills.

Our extensive experience in the healthcare sector meant we were able to apply our expertise to any outcome that the client needed with the right message and tone of voice for the UK&I market.

Bubble being a small company has not hindered the quality of their work – in fact the converse is true with demonstrable agility and flexibility in all the work they have undertaken on my behalf working well with any in-house team developing strong working and professional relationships with all stakeholders.

Adrian Stevens – DXC Technology

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