Animation is all about innovation and creativity

There is no limit to what a business can portray and communicate with the use of animation, offering the ability to simplify your key messages while also promoting your brand.

The goal of any video is to increase brand awareness and create conversions. Animated videos allow you to creatively use your logo, colours, and brand images in your video. By incorporating all of your business assets, you help cement your branding into your customer’s minds and allow them to associate these with your company and further establish yourself with your clients.

How animation can benefit your business

The small and subtle animation (Gif)

An example of this could be a moving logo or quirky icons which can be used across your website, social channels and e-newsletters. This method removes the feeling of having static and flat content.


The explainer video

Suppose your business is bursting with unique and excellent products but lacks the communication skills to present them. Using an explainer video is an excellent visual method that keeps your brand at the forefront while educating the audience about your product interestingly and visually.


Short animated stories

Storytelling and incorporating characters allows the audience to connect to your brand. This method gives businesses the chance to convey the message and tell the story and process of their services in a relatable way.


Kinetic Typography / Video Infographics

The style of ‘moving text’ and visually impacting graphics. Using this form of medium is seen as the new PowerPoint if you have facts, figures, and key information you want to promote this does it in an informative and interesting way. You’ll find your audience grasp the analytics faster.


Whiteboard animation

This is the process by which an author physically draws and records an illustrated story. The video is designed to look like the content is being hand-drawn on a school whiteboard. It’s a popular way to communicate more complicated information because the simple graphics are easy to absorb and memorable.



Youtube is swarming with them, there’s a tutorial for anything and everything these days. Animated videos can also be used for training and tutorial purposes not just to educate your audience, but they are a useful tool to be used within the business


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