Blogging is a great way to reach a wide audience. You can create content for your website to answer user search phrases, give information on your organisation, showcase your products and give general updates.

Keeping in touch with your market isn’t easy. Even when an individual has hit a touch point, you can’t always re-engage. Having good quality content online with which people can connect through different channels over time, therefore, is a good solution to this challenge.

Market your brand with a blog

Building confidence in your brand

When you upload a blog onto your website, you can link to it from an email campaign, shout about it through social media, get your contacts to chat about it on LinkedIn, and work it so Google makes a note of it too. With all these options available for every blog you write, you start to see just how flexible blogging is as a tool.


Attracting new customers; inspiring existing ones

Well-written articles with interesting and useful content will both engage existing contacts and attract new ones to your brand. You can inspire people with your thoughts and ideas; help them with top tips and ‘how to’ information; reinforce your knowledge and expertise with thoughtful comment; not to mention promote new products and services..


Blogging creates new opportunities

With email campaigns, you’re limited to who has subscribed to your list. With social media, you’re dependent on who logs in when, where, and why. With SEO you’re juggling search terms and meaningful information on your web pages. With blogs… you can support it all. Blogging will enable you to reach new people and create new opportunities. And you enable them to connect with you on their chosen channel. Blogging is also a great way to use SEO to reach your audience at various parts of their customer buying journey.


Embedding your expertise in their minds

A balanced and growing blog archive is an ideal way to showcase your knowledge and experience in your market. You can take specific, niche subjects that are rich with SEO terms and write meaningful articles that are of genuine use. Your expert insights will draw a following and create a sense of community. You will become an authority figure in your field. And when you then share your blog through different channels, audience response will snowball and that in turn will drive traffic to your website.


Blogging is a superb tool for supporting SEO

By carefully choosing your SEO terms, a series of blogs that are rich with useful content become easy for Google to index, and you will reap rewards pretty quickly. Your visitors will stay to read, and they will also come back again and again, which is something Google tracks. This feedback loop then fuels an improvement in your Google ranking.

A well-thought through and planned blogging strategy, therefore, will give you useful content that you can re-use across different channels, to reach different people, at a time that suits them.


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