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Some people worry that email is an over-used marketing medium. However, with the emphasis that GDPR has placed on ensuring people request to see your content in advance… when you get that subscription to your newsletter, you’re getting a clear signal someone wants to hear from you. That is NOT an opportunity to be wasted.

Steps To Successful Marketing

Email campaigns can be personalised and targeted

A well-crafted email campaign can hit the sweet spot of each recipient. You can segment your database and tailor your messages to each sector. You can target special offers; direct specific calls-to-action to particular profiles; even time when recipients receive your email so they’re more likely to open it. Put simply, email is an ideal way to directly communicate with an individual and engage them.


Metrics and tracking make them very measurable

Email campaigns are one of the most measurable methods of marketing. The information available, from open rates, to click-throughs, to call-to-action responses is detailed and extremely useful. You can test different approaches to see what works best, fine tune campaigns over time, and sift the time-wasters out of your database very effectively.


Email Marketing works well on both mobile and desktop

Any marketing tool that can reach people wherever they are is a useful one. Emails can do just that. You’re catching a reader when they’re ready to engage… they’ve actively gone in to read their emails. And if they like what you’ve sent, it’s then very easy for them to forward it onto someone else. With a strong call-to-action and an engaging approach, you can get your audience to be working on your behalf too.


They reinforce consistent messages and drive conversation

Your brand has to have many touch points for a potential customer to engage with it properly. They see your logo on social media, catch it mentioned online, and then receive your email as well… that’s one very strong reinforcing message. And when that’s coupled with a strong call-to-action, the prospect of a positive response increases significantly.


Still a preferred way to be kept informed

Overall, though, with spam filters working so well these days, people feel a lot more in control of the information that flows into them. Email, therefore, is still a very popular method for being kept up to date. It’s convenient. It’s manageable. It offers distraction during train journeys. And it can provide almost instant information in response to a real-time change in your market. Email still has power; you just need to use it wisely.


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