Google Ads / PPC

Investing in paid media campaigns including Google Ads or any other search engine or platform can help you reach customers that you may not be able to if you rely solely on other channels.

Using Google Ads / PPC, we can help you create targeted campaigns with instant flexibility and complete budget control. Pay-per-click can offer you a swift return on investment with trackable results.

Google Ads from Bubble 

At Bubble, we work with many of our clients to improve their results from Google Ads and PPC. From our offices in Towcester, Northamptonshire, we can help to supercharge your account by refining your campaigns. We aim only to bring functional traffic to your website so you are getting the most from your budget.

Take your website to the next level with Google Ads / PPC

Use Google Ads / PPC for targeted campaigns.

When you’re paying for clicks to your website, you want to ensure you get the highest traffic quality. To influence the quality, you need a targeted keyword strategy.

At Bubble, we can help create this with you. By using different match types, ensuring search terms are regularly reviewed, ad irrelevant search terms are removed, we can make your campaigns more targeted, which leads to a higher conversion rate.


Targeted demographics for niche campaigns with Google Ads / PPC

The power of ‘big data’ is available at your fingertips through PPC platforms. You can set your campaign to trigger on specific search phrases, and you can choose the demographics of your intended audience too, e.g. location, interests, and even browsing time of day.

Different types of campaigns are available to ensure you can captivate your audience in many different ways. Through the use of remarketing, you can focus a section of your budget specifically on users who have already been on your website. This promotes brand awareness and can increase your conversion rate.


Using Google Ads / PPC, you gain instant flexibility with complete budget control.

New campaigns can be created when you need them, and the messaging can be switched and adjusted almost instantly. This is perfect for seasonal promotions or sales.

You can set and adjust your overall budget and manage it tightly daily. Campaigns can even be scheduled for start and end dates, which are perfect for seasonal campaigns or campaigns that need to end on a specific date.


Swift implementation with swift results

With PPC, you can begin generating traffic instantly. This is perfect for new websites to build brand awareness and get them generating traffic.

PPC works hand in hand with SEO; if you have a new piece of content you want to bring traffic to quickly, then a PPC campaign is a perfect way to kick-start this.


Working with Bubble on your Google Ads

At Bubble, for the right client with the right marketing need, we recommend enhancing their marketing plans by including Google Ads or any PPC platform. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can start to see results.

Contact us today to boost your traffic through Google ads and PPC.

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