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Targeted campaigns, instant flexibility, and complete budget control; pay-per-click can offer you a swift return on investment with trackable results.

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Targeted campaigns with specific messages; they work

People search on Google using all sorts of unusual phrases to find what they’re looking for. The search engines provide a very powerful service in this regard. The challenge for the marketer keen to utilise this power, however, is that the phrases can sometimes be impossible to include meaningfully on a website. Organic SEO is very effective for many things, but it doesn’t tick every box. And that’s a great example of when a pay-per-click or Google Ads campaign comes into its own.


Targeted demographics for niche campaigns

The power of ‘big data’ is available at your fingertips. You can set your campaign to trigger on specific search phrases, and you can choose the demographics of your intended audience too, e.g. location, interests, even browsing time of day. To be able to pinpoint when your audience is looking for your products and services and arrange for your brand and messages to appear at that moment can make a significant difference to the success of any marketing initiative. Plus you can also reach niche sectors that may not warrant too much focus on your website, per se. And these focused campaigns can offer good returns with a pay-per-click sale.


Instant flexibility with complete budget control

New campaigns can be created in a matter of minutes, and the messaging can be switched and adjusted almost instantly. And you can set your overall budget and manage it tightly on a daily basis. A tap you can turn on and off instantly.


Swift implementation with swift results

Ultimately, though, whether you’re waiting for your organic SEO to ‘kick in’, are simply testing a new market, or are keen to reach an audience beyond the current channels you’re using, pay-per-click can offer you a swift return on investment when managed in the right way.

At Bubble, for the right client with the right marketing need, we will often recommend that they enhance their marketing plans by including a pay-per-click strand. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly you could start to see results.


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