Green & Wray Branding

The design and print of a brand-oriented leaflet. And the design of a distinctive and easily recognisable sales board that enhances the brand positioning of this start-up estate agency.

The Project

Green & Wray came to Bubble because we were recommended for our successful approach to brand development and design. Having initially spent time working on the branding guidelines and logo we then turned our focus to the collateral for the business; branded sales boards and leaflets.

Visibility is key to the success of an estate agency and sales boards need to be instantly recognisable from a distance. For Green & Wray, they also need to clearly signify quality, trust, and independence. The brand work we had previously completed gave us the colour palette and fonts to be used. The result is a striking board that is instantly recognisable.

For the leaflet, we kept the available space uncluttered and chic. The images used are crisp and the text is informative, using the right tone and voice for their target audience. As a result of our efforts, Green & Wray have become a go-to brand that connects and engages with the niche market they fulfil.

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