How to optimise your Google My Business profile

Have you ever noticed the box on the right hand side of Google when you type a company name into the search engine? This little box has a lot of hidden power. So many companies have a Google My Business account and therefore a Google My Business Profile but aren’t taking full advantage of it’s features.

Optimising your Google My Business profile can make a real difference in how your business appears to potential customers. Unoptimised profiles can appear bare, neglected and untrustworthy which potentially is how viewers see your company. So what can you do to optimise your Google My Business profile successfully?

Make your business profile successful

Fill in the basics

The first step to optimise your Google My Business Profile is ensuring the basic information is complete and correct. Your business profile is normally the first place someone will visit to find your contact number, address or website. Make sure that when you move offices or buy a new phone that this basic information is up-to-date. You want to make sure that this information is consistent so whatever information you use on your website use the same for this profile.

Complete the “From the business” section

The “From the business section” allows you to create a 750 character description of your business. It’s an opportunity for you to inform your audience on who you are, your ethos and why they should choose you over your competitors. If you already have a website, use content from your “About” page. This is also great opportunity to use keywords to increase your organic search.

Upload photos

Photo’s are incredibly valuable. Many people want to visualise your business whether that be the outside of your shop/office or they want to see the interior of your restaurant. Anyone can add photos to your profile but to make sure that the quality of your page is high uploading your own great photography will ensure your profile is successful. You can also add geo-tags to your images which then highlights your business in that location.

Make sure to upload your logo to as it helps people to recognise your company.

To take your profile to the next level add videos and a 360 video which could be of the inside of your store.

Ask customers to leave a review

Google reviews is one of the best features when it comes to Optimising your Google My Business profile. The more positive reviews you have, the higher you appear when people search for your products or service in Google. You can simply send your customers a link to your profile and they can visit the link and leave a review.

What is equally as important, is for your business to respond to these reviews. It shows to potential customers the level of customer service your business provides.

Add your services and products

Adding multiple services or products to your business profile means that your business will appear on google if someone searches for your service/product. This feature highlights to potential customers what your business can provide them with. For these you can add a title, price and description. When completing these areas make sure to use suitable keywords in a natural way.

Choose categories and attributes

Direct search is very uncommon, most people search Google using terms around a service, product or category. Adding categories to your business profile allows people that are searching for a specific answer to see your company even if they haven’t typed in your company name.

When adding categories to your profile make sure to be as specific as possible so that it increases the chances of people finding your company. You can also add secondary categories, this is beneficial if your business falls under multiple categories. We recommend adding a maximum of 3 secondary categories to show Google and your customers your business’ what area’s you specialise in.

Attributes are almost what services does your business provide that your competitors may not. Once you have added categories, Google then allows you to add attributes to your profile. Google have already complied a long list of available attributes which you can then pick from. For example, same day delivery, organic dishes or hair colouring. Attributes can also show customers what services you don’t have this could be that you don’t have wheelchair accessibility. Displaying this information increases the chances of someone visiting your shop rather than a competitors and having a positive experience.

Add Questions and Answers

This is a great way to publicly show frequently asked questions about your business in one place. Questions and answers can be created by anyone but the great thing is that you can create the questions and answer them yourself.

Set up alerts to be notified when someone has asked a question so that you can respond before someone else does. Resulting in more accurate information being published to your profile. When creating the q’s and a’s keep in mind that you can add keywords to increase your SEO organically.

After completing the above areas your company will appear more professional and legitimate to potential customers. It should also win you some brownie points with Google, as it will increase your Google page rankings!

For more information, tips and advice for your Google My Business Profile contact us and we would be happy to help you optimise your profile.

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