Impact of Social Media on Businesses…

… and how to ensure this has a positive effect towards your business. 

Social media, once a platform for social interactions, has now developed to be a powerhouse for business growth and client engagement. In today’s digital era, understanding the impact of social media on business is essential.

Whether you’re a start-up looking to begin your business journey or an established company looking to extend your visibility and reach, the use and impact of social media can help your brand thrive with your business and its products and services, reaching new audiences.

Impact of different social media channels and their role within a business?

When it comes to analysing the impact of social media on business, it’s important first to understand that each channel plays a different role. Using them correctly as they have been designed will create a positive impact on your business. For example:


  • Use: Ideal for B2B networking and brand exposure
  • Business benefit: Ideal for lead generation and thought leadership.


  • Use: Broad user group for a wide mix of business types.
  • Business benefit: Very popular for local community building and the ability to create campaigns targeting a desired audience for your product or services via Facebook ads.

X and Threads

  • Use: Real-time engagement and thought leadership. Used to enhance brand awareness and ideal as a customer service tool.
  • Business benefit: Great for PR and dealing with crisis management.


  • Use: To generate brand awareness visually. Effective for influencer marketing.
  • Business benefit: Due to visual appeal being both informative and emotionally engaging, Instagram is very popular for lifestyle businesses such as property fashion. This platform also works well for the creative and arts industry.


  • Use: To gain a high level of awareness via viral content. This platform is great for commerce.
  • Business benefit: Great for brand visibility and growth, especially for small businesses where they can share their business journey.


  • Use: Via the use of video content, YouTube is ideal for giving product demonstrations and reviews, how-to videos, tutorials and brand awareness via success stories, case studies, testimonials and storytelling.
  • Business benefit: Can effectively communicate complex ideas, demonstrate products and showcase services in an informative and emotional way. YouTube has a great search engine for business to improve their visibility. This platform is perfect for engagement and interaction with viewers.

The Impact of social media on businesses

There are many positive impacts of social media on businesses. Below, we have outlined the main ones we feel will add benefit to your business.

Increase brand awareness

Social media is global; it allows your business to connect with a vast audience, enabling your brand to engage and introduce your products and services.

Increase customer engagement

Customer engagement has become easier than ever with social media. It enables you to build relationships with long-term arrangements through high-value content.

Types of content could be product or service-related, educational and informative; one of the most important factors is that it can be easily personalised and tailored to different market types.

Interacting with your customers through direct engagement/messaging and responses to your customers is crucial. This helps improve their loyalty and trust as it shows you want to have a connection with them on a personal level. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and encourages them to be an advocate for your brand, attracting new customers.

Targeted advertising

Many social media platforms allow you to target your marketing efforts to specific demographics and interests, unlike traditional marketing, where targeting certain people is much more challenging and costly. Using these targeting tools, your posts will reach your intended audience and be more personalised, increasing engagement, which will help drive sales.


Social media marketing is usually more cost-effective and affordable than traditional advertising. With options for organic growth and targeted advertising, along with the data you can get from these platforms, they provide a good return on investment.

Valuable Insights

These platforms provide valuable data through analytics, direct feedback and customer engagement, enabling you to gain insights into customers’ needs and behaviours, which can maximise your marketing content and its performance in the long run.

Driving Sales

Using social media effectively and collectively, either cross-channel or driving traffic to the website, will increase your brand visibility and help drive sales.

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Is your Social Media marketing working for you?

Social media in this digital era is an essential part of the marketing mix. However, it’s straightforward to use the relevant channels incorrectly by creating content and posting out without a strategy or plan.

The success of using social media within any business comes down to having a carefully considered plan against a set of outcomes. Bubble’s years of experience within marketing, website & graphic design and Social Media all under one roof means that your social media will have purpose and communicate to the correct target market, which will increase visibility and, in turn, help with lead generation.

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