M² Digital Marketing

A full branding project, followed by planning, management, and involvement in all marketing activities, including a new website, social media, and podcast set-up.

The Project

M² were starting from scratch on building their brand. However they also needed a full marketing strategy and plan to be put in place. Our quest was to fully understand the ethos of the organisation, the messages it wishes to transmit, and the audience it seeks to engage.

With the above brief, we developed all the branding collateral, from colour palette, imagery, and style of approach, to a new logo and guidelines for the brand’s usage across many channels. We then designed a new website with a fresh and modern feel, which focuses on developing the brand’s persona in such a way as to fully engage the target audience. Chosen social media channels were also set-up and branded and connected to the website to enable podcast content to be quickly and easily promoted. Plus we incorporated the WordPress CMS to enable M² to add new content and podcasts over time. This has resulted in a visually creative and engaging site that provides powerful content through social media to promote the brand.

I found Bubble highly personal and also highly professional. They have understood what I am trying to achieve, and often I have changed the goalposts and they stuck with it! Lauren, Hattie, Caroline and Terry have been brilliant communicators and helped me to build a strategy when I had none. They very much feel like real partners in what I am trying to achieve. As far as marketing goes, I have little experience and they brought real reassurance about how to go ahead. I’d highly recommend them.

Mark Miller – M²

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