You have ideas, energy, and enthusiasm for your new business. What you need is help to gain visibility, connect with your market, and make sales. Put simply, you need to work with people who have experience, expertise… and time to do that.

Adding value right from the start

At Bubble, our approach is to sit down and find out all about your plans and understand your business model before we do anything else. During this ‘finding out’ session, we uncover who your customers will be, how you want to position your brand, what your brand messages will be, and what your routes to market are. We’ll then work out with you how to make best use of your marketing budget.

Some start-up businesses need us to devise the entire strategy with them and then implement it. Others simply need assistance in certain areas, perhaps in stages. Either way, at Bubble we understand that the chosen approach needs to work both for your business and your budget.

Areas we’ll discuss with you will include:

Accommodating your time and budget

One of the key aspects to managing a start-up business is balancing cash flow. We know that; we’ve been there! So, with that in mind, we’re always happy to discuss payment plans, break projects down into stages, and work out what tasks a busy client can still squeeze in if necessary. A good example might be managing social media platforms.

Example scenario

Each social media platform needs an individual approach, along with a good understanding of the differences between the platforms and how audiences engage; success hinges on that knowledge. What we do, therefore, is establish a monthly plan, and work with our clients to build content that’s engaging. We can then also take on the day-to-day management of chosen platforms to free up a client’s time to focus on other aspects of their business. Or, if budget is tight, we can provide guidance and pass the day-to-day running of programmes back. It is whatever works best for the business.

Kick off your marketing in the best way, right from the start

Call us on 01327 223808. We look forward to learning more about your new venture.


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