Why Use Both Online and Offline Marketing?

There are many different types of online and offline marketing. As a nation we are investing more and more into digital assets and online marketing.

We recently shared a piece about traditional marketing vs digital marketing and what activities are included in each. Now, we are looking into why you should use both online and offline marketing and how your business can assess where most of their budget should be invested.

Online and Offline Marketing – Why should We use Both?

There are many reasons you should invest in both online and offline marketing.

Don’t Miss Your Target Market: Offline marketing activities, such as print advertising or out of home advertising, can help you reach a local or offline audience who may not be actively engaged online. On the other hand, online marketing activities enable you to target a global audience and reach people who spend a significant amount of time online using digital channels. If you only used one or the other there is a chance you will miss a portion of your target market.

Maximise Brand Exposure: By combining online and offline marketing, you can maximise your brand exposure across multiple channels. Billboards or printed leaflets can create a strong visual impact, while social media marketing allows your audience to engage with you directly. Online and offline marketing activities can work hand in hand to reinforce each other. For example, you can use traditional channels to drive traffic to your website or social media platforms, and digital channels to amplify the reach of your traditional campaigns. Integrating both strategies can create a cohesive and comprehensive marketing approach.

Grow with your Audience: Consumer behaviour is constantly evolving, with more people embracing digital platforms while still engaging with offline media. By investing in both, you can adapt to these changing trends and ensure your marketing efforts align with the preferences and habits of your target audience.

Should I invest more into online or offline marketing?

This is a difficult question to answer and will be different for each organisation and industry. To help you determine the balance for you, you could start with some basic questions.

  • Is your target market online or offline?

You need to be investing your efforts where your target market is. If they are wanting to engage with you online, then you will need a social channel. If they attend trade shows regularly then you need to invest in an exhibition display and attend the events yourself.

  • What are your direct competitors doing?

If you have direct competitors and they are utilising a particular online or offline activity and it is working for them then this is a good indication of something you should also be investing in.

  • What are you doing currently and is it working for you?

What is your current budget investment split? Do you spend the majority of your budget on online marketing or offline marketing? Is it working? Are you achieving the conversions you set out to achieve? If the answer is no, then it could be time to shake things up a bit and begin investing in a new activity or channel.

  • Has your industry changed recently or is there a change coming?

A good example of this is ecommerce. As the shopping industry is changing, any retail organisation is having to alter their marketing strategy to incorporate this huge online channel which has disrupted the market. If there is something set to change in your industry, now could be the time to invest in new marketing channels to prepare for the future.

Online and Offline Marketing from Bubble

At Bubble Creative Solutions we have been working in the marketing and design industry for almost 20 years. Because of this, we have experience in both online and offline marketing activities.

We can help your organisation with anything from designing leaflets for distribution, building and sending email campaigns, designing and creating exhibition graphics, fulfilling SEO tasks on your website, building new websites for various activities, setting up and monitoring online Ad campaigns – and everything in between.

Contact Bubble today to start your new marketing adventure – whether its online or offline, we have the skills to help you!

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