Parent & Professional Website

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Client Name: Parent & Professional
Sector: Training and Development
Works carried out:
Website Design & Build
WordPress Website
Monthly SEO

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Parent and Professional originally came to work with Bubble as part of a re-brand. They wanted to give their website a new look and feel to match their new brand and values. The design needed to make them stand out in their competitive space, whilst conveying trust and expertise in their industry.

We designed and built a fresh new website to showcase their range of services. They were well known within their industry for Parent Transition Coaching, but this new website brings their other services to the forefront, as well as cross linking to other content on the website so that users can also find relevant webinars and downloadable content for their own use.

Bubble also support P&P with ongoing website updates and SEO to make sure their website stays at the top of its game.

Working with Bubble has had a huge impact on the visibility of our business. From setting up our new website to monthly SEO work, they have helped us grow the business with their impressive knowledge and expertise, as well as their professional approach.

Henriette Phillips – Co-founder