Sandwell UK – The New Marketing Team

Taking on the role of the marketing team and being accountable for ensuring the business is proactive in its marketing efforts. Varied duties including graphic design and creation of marketing collateral.

The Project

Sandwell operates in an exclusive but competitive space; they are a cutting-edge company working with customers in F1 and aerospace. They needed a marketing team who would be accountable and proactive. Having designed their new website and provided advice, they then asked Bubble to continue working with them as their marketing and design team.

With a website that was now providing their brand with impact in their market, Sandwell needed to redesign all their marketing material to be in line with the new look created for the web. The first stage to achieve this was to reset the branding style and adjust the branding guidelines accordingly. We also had to create new messaging that matched the business in its forward-thinking plans.

They had a suite of marketing assets that required a refresh. This included stationery, brochures, leaflets, digital newsletters, social media profiles, and exhibition graphics. The exhibition graphics were to have a dual purpose, and they can now be used at events as well as in the reception of their offices. Overall, the new branding for the business has been rolled out highly successfully and has enabled Sandwell to build on its respected reputation.

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