Your business is up and running and you’ve developed a compact portfolio of customers… Now you want to grow. The next stage is to reach a wider audience; the challenge, however, is you don’t know how to do that. And why would you? You’re good at what you do, but the technical aspects of marketing aren’t your thing. What you need, therefore, is help gaining visibility and connecting with an extended market so you can increase sales. That sounds great, but requires know-how and, of course, time.

Adding value so your business can grow

At Bubble, our approach is to understand your business and how you work so we can then help you accomplish your goals. During this ‘finding out’ session, we uncover who your customers currently are, how your brand is working, and whether it’s still doing what you need it to do; it’s easy to get left behind when you’re busy running a business. We’ll then review with you what you’re looking to achieve and agree the best approach ongoing for both your business and your budget.

Areas we’ll discuss with you include:

We can be on tap, ad hoc, or a part of your team

Marketing is most effective when it is following a pre-agreed strategy. The ideal vehicle to achieve this is a regularly updated marketing plan. We can help you create a plan, and then work out with you how best to achieve it. The least time-consuming, and possibly therefore cost-effective, option for you is for us to manage and drive it forward. We’ll do everything required from initial project design, to audience testing, to implementation, and review. However, we can also simply take on certain aspects or projects depending on your time and budgetary constraints.

Example scenario

In order to reach a new section of your target market, you want to boost your brand visibility online. Handing out brochures has worked well for you so far… but now it’s time to grow. We will work with you to establish where your target customers are on the internet and agree a plan to engage with them. This may well include a new website, Google AdWords and PPC, email campaigns, and social media. We’ll update your brand to ensure it’s ready to engage and then pull together a schedule for content creation – blogs, video, newsletters etc. You can then continue running your business whilst monthly campaigns drive new business your way.

Keen to boost your marketing and reach a wider audience?

Call us on 01327 223808. We look forward to discussing how we can help you take your enterprise to the next level.


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