Stowe of Nine Churches Banner & Education Pack

Design and print of a unique 5m x 0.8m banner chronicling the history of the church. Plus the design and print of an education pack for schools encouraging pupil visits for a day out.

The Project

St Michael’s Church was awarded a grant by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to restore the building and its bells. They turned to Bubble to design a timeline spanning back over the 2000 years of the village and church. However, in addition to this, they also asked us to design an education pack and invitation to schools to encourage groups to visit on a day out.

Our brief was to create a look for both pieces that was both ethically pleasing to the church and engaging to a diverse audience. The timeline needed to take people on a journey, but there was a lot of content to include and this was a challenge. We had to bear in mind the breadth of age of the audience (from children to grandparents), the accessibility of the design, and the ease of understanding required.

When the banner was installed in the church it made for a truly engaging sight. The education pack was also a tremendous success, and the village enjoyed an influx of visitors to the church.

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