Tahola Website

A visually eye-catching website that made extremely effective use of infographics and animation in support of various social media campaigns.

The Project

Tahola needed a visually striking new website that would connect with their market in an appealing and interactive way. The solution required creativity, imagination, and a bold approach, but it also required technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of how a brand engages with its audience. Powerfully visual infographics and animation needed to be accessible to support social media campaigns on an ongoing basis.

With the above brief, we focused on designing a uniquely strong presence on the internet that reflects the ethos and aspirations of the company. However, from a technical point of view, we also ensured it is functionally useful and has the capacity to extend over time in response to Tahola’s changing needs. This has resulted in a visually creative and animated site that provides engaging content for use on social media and helps Tahola stand out from the crowd.

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