Using a Digital Agency: The Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing

Digital agencies have been around for as many years as the internet. Many businesses choose to outsource their marketing for various reasons. There are several benefits of outsourcing marketing which we will look at in more detail further down this post.

What is Outsourced Marketing?

Outsourced marketing is when an organisation uses an external agency to contribute to, or run their marketing strategy. This could be through a digital agency, a marketing agency or a freelancer.

Businesses of all sizes outsource their marketing. from start-ups who require support here and there through to large corporations who invest thousands of pounds per month for the expertise of digital skills.

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What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing?

There are several benefits of outsourcing marketing. some of the most important benefits are;

1. Available Expertise and Specialised Skills

Outsourcing marketing means that organisations have access individuals with a high level of expertise and specialised skills in their field. These may not be available or plausible to have in-house. Marketing agencies will often have different individuals who have a high level of expertise in each area of marketing, which means the activities are carried out to a very high standard and top quality. This could include any marketing discipline, for example, design, graphics, content creation, SEO etc.

2. Cost Effective

Outsourcing marketing can be more cost-effective compared to hiring and maintaining an in-house marketing team with the same skill level. Instead of investing in recruiting full time staff, a marketing agency can work for an agreed amount of hours or days per month and the organisation only pays for what they use. Business can engage external agencies or freelancers on a project basis or for specific marketing functions, reducing overhead costs.

3. Access to new perspectives and ideas

Using external marketing professionals can bring fresh perspectives, industry insights, and innovative ideas to your organisations marketing strategy. They have a wealth of experience in their field meaning they can offer objective viewpoints and challenge existing strategies. This can help companies stay competitive and adapt to evolving market trends

4. Flexible and scalable

Using an Outsourced marketing agency can provide organisations with the flexibility to scale their marketing efforts up or down based on business needs during different times. Depending on their contract with the agency, the organisation can easily adjust the level of outsourcing as marketing demands fluctuate, without the challenges of hiring, onboarding, or laying off employees.

5. Access to technology and resources

Another great benefit of outsourcing marketing is the access the organisation gains to various marketing resources.  Marketing agencies often have access to advanced marketing tools, technologies, and resources such as keyword research tools, analysis software, design programmes and social media tools to name a few. These tools would be expensive or impractical for companies to acquire individually. Outsourcing allows businesses to leverage these resources without the need for substantial investments.

6. Faster time-to-market for Products and Services  

Outsourcing marketing tasks can expedite the time-to-market for new products or campaigns. Agencies are often equipped with the necessary resources, knowledge and processes to execute marketing initiatives efficiently, enabling companies to launch their offerings more quickly than relying on inexperienced, in-house teams.

7. International or regional market expertise

When expanding into new markets, companies may lack in-depth knowledge of local consumer behaviour, cultural nuances, or regulatory requirements. Outsourcing to marketing to agencies or professionals may provide regional expertise which can help businesses navigate these challenges and develop effective localised strategies. Agencies will also have experience in how to deliver local marketing strategies regardless of their location.

8. Lower Risk for Marketing Strategies

Like any business element, marketing involves certain risks, such as regulatory compliance, reputation management, and campaign effectiveness. Engaging experienced marketing professionals can help mitigate these risks, as they are well-versed in industry best practices, compliance requirements, and crisis management strategies.

So, Should My Business Outsource Marketing Activities?

As described above there are many benefits when it comes to outsourcing marketing for businesses. There are many reasons you might be thinking about outsourcing

  • You require support for a specific project
  • You do not have the capacity for a full time employee
  • You require a specific skill level
  • You don’t have the skill set in house that you require
  • You need cover for an employee whilst they are away on leave
  • Your current marketing situation isn’t working as you had hoped

Marketing from Bubble

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