The Importance of Graphic Design in Social Media: Creating Engaging Campaigns

At Bubble, we understand the importance of graphic design in social media. Social media users are digesting a staggering amount of information throughout the day on various platforms.

Using engaging graphic design in your social media strategy, can help grab your followers attention and make them stop scrolling. Utilising graphic design well means you can add variety to your profile feed and keep your followers interested.

We work with our social media clients and use a combination of graphic design elements along with real-time photos and images to create branded visual content to keep their followers entertained and encourage engagement online.

How Can Graphic Design Be Used in Social Media?

Here are some of the most influential and successful ways graphic design can be integrated into your social media strategy.

Profile and cover images – Graphic Design is used to produce eye-catching profile pictures and cover photos that represent your brand. Each social platform requires a different size and quality. A good graphic designer can create variations on the same piece so that your social profiles are consistent whilst considering the different ratios.

News and Blog images – as platforms such as Instagram continue to grow, visual content creation is more important than ever. Gone are the days when a simple product photo could be used alongside written content. If you want your posts to be noticed on social then good visual content is a must.

Carousels – Use graphics to tell stories, highlight points in an article or share step-by-step guides by creating graphics for carousel posts on social media. These are an excellent way for users to be able to digest information without having to read through an entire post. These types of posts work well on Instagram and LinkedIn, although for LinkedIn, they need to be uploaded as a PDF for users to scroll through.

Templates and themes – Graphic design can be used to create templates or themes for your social media posts to maintain consistency. It helps in creating a cohesive look and feel across your posts. When designing templates, you should also consider the branded elements of your posts—using your logo, colours, and fonts to create a cohesive look for your social media content. This helps in increasing brand recognition and making your posts easily identifiable.

Social media ads – another good way to incorporate graphic design in social media is to create visuals for social media ads. These are specifically for grabbing attention and driving engagement so that they differ from graphics for regular posts.

Animated graphics – With the increase in video content and video-sharing platforms such as TikTok, using graphic design to experiment with animated graphics could be a game changer. Animated graphics often capture attention and add a dynamic element to your social media posts. Now is the perfect time to integrate this into your social media strategy.

The Importance of Using Graphic Design in Social Media

So, now we’ve explained how graphic design can be used in social media – let’s think about the importance of it and why we would want to use it.

There are many benefits to integrating graphic design into your social media strategy. These are our top 5:

  1. Increased engagement – visual content is more engaging and takes up more space on the user’s feed, making it less likely to get missed.
  2. Unique compared to the competition – make your posts stand out from your competitors with some branded graphics for each post.
  3. Easily recognisable – when a user is scrolling through their social feed, there is a chance they could miss the account name but still see the graphic. By branding all your graphics, your theme becomes instantly recognisable to your followers.
  4. Improved user understanding – Graphics can help convey complex information in a simplified manner. Your graphics could include charts, diagrams, or infographics to enhance the knowledge of your followers.
  5. Increased website traffic – Well-designed graphics can encourage users to click, driving traffic to your website or blog. Your website is generally where your users will convert, so getting them there is important.

Graphic Design and Social Media from Bubble 

At Bubble, graphic design and social media management are two of the services we offer. The two go hand in hand.

As part of our social media management service, we can fully manage your account by

  • Writing your posts
  • Creating graphics
  • Creating videos in all formats (Reels, TikToks, YouTube etc)
  • Sharing them
  • Keeping on top of messages
  • Interacting with other accounts online
  • Following/unfollowing accounts accordingly
  • Engaging online with other industry players.

If social media management is something you are looking for help or support on, then contact us today.

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