Corporate website design

At Bubble, we have over 20 years experience creating exceptional websites across many sectors and types of website design, one of which is Corporate Website Design.

The Impact of Good Corporate Website Design

A corporate website represents a company or organisation to all its users – not necessarily the regular customer or client base of that company. Good corporate website design is used to convey information about products or services, to feature news items and to host landing pages for online advertising and SEO efforts

At Bubble we offer uniquely designed, high class corporate websites for any company in any industry. We have designed and launched many corporate websites over the years, so whether your organisation is a law firm, a HR specialist, interior designers, in the medical industry or anything in between – we can design and build a corporate website for you.

If your corporate website design is not up to scratch it can be damaging to your brand. It is so important in the digital world we live in that your corporate brand is represented in a modern way and that the design and build of the website fits with the brand positioning and culture.

Corporate Website Design Checklist

When it comes to corporate website design, the brand must be at the core of all plans. When you choose to work with Bubble, we take time to understand your business and map out a strategy. This is always the starting point for us.

To make our clients corporate websites successful in their industry, we ensure they follow the below checklist.

After an initial kick-off meeting with you, we design your website to be unique to you and your business.

All of our corporate websites are bespoke, making them suited to your requirements.


Your website is an extension of your business and represents you online so you need a corporate website which is on brand. A website which appeals to your target market but doesn’t alienate other website users who may be researching or gathering information.

It’s not just about the colour pallet. It involves the use of space, lines, empty space, fonts and that is before any content is even created.

At Bubble, we have been building websites for years. We know how to create a completely bespoke solution to suit you and your brand.


User experience covers a whole host of metrics which we use in our reporting and search engines use as ranking signals.

UX factors include;

  • Page speed
  • Page flow
  • Ease of navigation
  • Persona consideration
  • Credible information

Can your users find what they need to and in a timely manner? Can different sized screens be used? Is the page speed acceptable?

Did you know that search engines like Google are constantly watching the user activity on a website to determine how well that website ranks? Ensuring you have great user experience can really make a difference to your SEO and help to contributed to your website goals.

At Bubble, we design websites with the user at the core. This ensures great user experience all round.


And how do you measure the success of your corporate website? Through conversion tracking of course. This could be;

  • Content downloads
  • Page clicks
  • Filled in contact forms
  • Telephone number clicks

Ensuring you can track what users are doing on your site is your key to understanding the success of your marketing efforts.

We build corporate websites which are ready to use with conversion tracking tools. Conversion tracking is also something we can help with setting up when your website is live.



At Bubble we have designed and launched many corporate websites over the years – take a look at our portfolio for some examples of our recent projects.

If you are after a new website for your business that represents your brand online then please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how a corporate website can make a difference to your business.

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