SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – helps websites in many ways. When done correctly, SEO can help your website to attract more visitors, improve user experience, build trust, target specific audiences, and gain a competitive advantage. It’s a long-term investment which ultimately grows your website and increases your level of traffic.  

What is SEO?

So, what is SEO? SEO is the process of continually developing and improving your website and following best practices to try and make the website rank in a higher position in search engine results. 

With SEO, you can increase the amount of people your website is exposed to. 95% of all search traffic comes to web pages which rank in positions 1-10; because of this, investing in SEO is absolutely essential. 

SEO with Bubble 

From our offices in Towcester, Northamptonshire, we work with many businesses to help them improve their SEO and bring more traffic to their website. 

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Prior to finalising our business partnership, we would offer you an overview of your website’s current status and propose strategies to enhance its search engine rankings and increase organic traffic. When you decide to proceed with our recommended plans, we maintain regular communication, ensuring you receive regular updates. We also provide comprehensive monthly reports to enable you to monitor the progress and observe tangible outcomes. 

Factors Affecting SEO

The technical structure of the site

For successful SEO implementation, the technical structure of the site must be set-up for Google and other search engines to scan and index easily and effectively. There are elements in the back-end which you can’t see whilst viewing the websites front end but are very important for indexing. These elements need to be editable for effective technical on-page SEO.

The coding and software behind a website must meet W3C (world wide web consortium) guidelines, including accessibility. The best way to ensure the coding meets the set criteria is to use a platform such as WordPress. WordPress is supported by a team of developers who are constantly issuing updates to ensure guidelines, glitches, and security requirements are met. Because of how seamlessly WordPress integrates with various tools to enhance SEO, this is the platform we use to build our websites.

If you currently have a website that doesn’t use WordPress but are looking to invest in SEO, give us a call; there are still options and ways to improve SEO for websites on any platform.


Good quality optimised content

Well-written, optimised content is the foundation of SEO. If your content isn’t optimised or doesn’t have the right tone, then it won’t rank, no matter how much expertise you have.

Written content for SEO is something we specialise in. We work closely with our clients to ensure their website’s written content shows expertise whilst including all the SEO elements.


Managing keywords

When it comes to creating web pages, it’s important to know what your target market is searching for. To do this, in-depth keyword research needs to be carried out. This way, you can ensure the pages on your website are focused towards keywords that are being searched for.

Keyword research is something we focus on regularly for all of our clients. We can recommend pages within your site structure, blog titles, FAQs and any other content areas that will increase your ranked keywords and consequently bring more traffic to your website.


Off Page Factors

As well as on-page SEO, there are various off-page elements which you can utilise to improve your SEO.

The use of social media can give SEO a boost. Social media platforms will drive traffic to your website. Ensuring your website incorporates your chosen social media platforms will help your SEO.

Building links to your website is another excellent way to boost your SEO. The more links you earn from trusted sources can give your website more clout online.


Why Invest in SEO?

Any business website has to do a job and pay its way somehow if it’s to be a worthwhile investment. Paying its way doesn’t necessarily mean direct sales. It can mean instead that it generates new leads and urges potential new customers to contact the company. It can mean encouraging people to provide their contact details for further information. Or it can simply mean it enables your brand to spread its word via social media. Whatever goals you set for your site, it has to achieve them.

However, one of the critical factors in enabling any site to perform is for people to find it in the first place. There are many methods of driving traffic to your site, but search engines are certainly one of them. Built well and used wisely, organic search engine positioning can reap the rewards where paying for pointless advertising doesn’t.

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