User Experience (UX)

Builds your brand and boosts customer loyalty

When applied to website design, UX design ensures your site offers a focused experience. Visitors know immediately what they should do to find what they’re looking for, and once they’ve found it they then remember how the experience makes them feel; be that satisfied, informed, intrigued, relaxed etc. The better you understand the needs, interests, and foibles of your website visitors, the better you can put UX design to good use.

Key tenets for successful US design

To make a visit to your website a valuable and meaningful experience, therefore, your site needs to be easy-to-use, simple to navigate, and the information needs to be presented in an accessible way. Your content should also fulfil certain key criteria: it needs to meet a user’s expectations, be useful, and be authentically credible.

UX design reaps rewards

That can sound like a lot of work, of course, particularly when you see so many sub-standard sites around. However, attention to detail does make a difference. Google will rank a well-designed site higher than its competitors; download speeds and usability matter. Plus your visitors will stay significantly longer on your site, which will inevitably increase your conversion rate. All this while you build trust and credibility in your brand at the same time.

There are also additional cost-saving benefits to UX design in the longer term. If you get your website right utilising both excellent UI (user interface) design and UX design, you’re not going to have to start again for a while. And by utilising a UX design approach from the off, you also save money by fixing issues early on in the design and testing process.

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