What Makes a Good Brochure?

What makes a good brochure? And why is it important for my business?

Brochures are still important pieces of marketing materials despite the shift into digital marketing. Brochures are almost used as a C.V for a business, they introduce an organisation and give an overview of products or services available.

For many years brochures have been available in either printed or digital mediums. Using a combination of both print and digital marketing materials will ensure that you are covering all bases and appealing to audiences who prefer either.

What makes a good brochure?

A good brochure relies on design and content. Some elements which make a brochure really stand out are;

  1. Company Background – good brochures introduce the company giving a bit of background about them and what they do. This is important for readers to understand exactly who they are and what they offer.
  2. Easy to read and understand – make your brochure easy to read and understand. Use clear and concise language to promote the business and the product or service.
  3. Great design – successful brochures are visually appealing with a professional design good quality images and graphics along with a good balance of written and visual content.
  4. Informative – to make your brochure stand out, make sure it’s highly informative and provides all the relevant information that the reader would be interested in. This includes features, benefits and specifications of products and services.
  5. Includes Contact Information – if you are giving your customers, clients or prospects any printed or digital materials then contact information and calls to action are one of the most important parts.

Types of Brochures

Brochures can be used for different aspects of marketing and because of this there are different types.

Company Brochure – company brochures give an overview of an organisation. They don’t usually have a large number of pages. They are used to give to prospective clients and customers at events or meetings following a conversation where business is discussed.

Company brochures give an overview of products or services but don’t go into huge amounts of detail or specs.

Product Brochure – product brochures give less information about the company itself and instead focus on the products. They go into fine detail about each product and can also include data sheets if appropriate. Because of the level of detail, product brochures can contain many pages – especially if a company has a large amount of products.

Product brochures are usually reserved for customers as they can be expensive to print due to their size. Also, because of the type of information within them, a prospect may not require something quite so detailed until they are ready to make a transaction.

Brochure Design from Bubble

At Bubble we understand what makes a good brochure and what it can do for a business. Investing in brochure design can give your organisation a channel to communicate with your target audience and effectively convey your company brand and values.

We have been working with clients in various industries to design brochures for over two decades. If you’re after printed or digital brochure to wow your customers whilst giving them all the information they need then contact Bubble today.

Looking for help and advice when it comes to creating a good brochure?

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