Why Do I Need a Website for My Business?

In today’s world the amount of time spent on social media is staggering. Many businesses are active on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. So if I’m active on these channels and getting plenty of business through my social media – why do I need a website for my business?

There are many reasons for having a website for your business, even if you are generating sales and enquiries elsewhere. Here are a few of the most important reasons for having a website.

A Website Gives Your Business a Home and Ties Everything Together

Although social media is a great tool for business these days, the content doesn’t have a home. There is nowhere for you to link back to or guide people to. Hosting your content on your website clearly shows what you are about as a business.

Using both social media and hosting a website ties all the loose ends making your business look professional and complete.

Some of your prospective customers may not be on some social media channels, so by not having a website you could be missing out on some customers. It gives internet users options on how to connect with you and keep up with news and up-dates.

You Don’t Own Social Media

Although you run your channel and own the rights to any images and content you post on it, it is not an asset in the same way that a website is. If Facebook decided to cease trading and delete all accounts there is nothing protecting all the posts and followers you have built up over the time spent on that channel.

A website is a business asset which you will always have. And content which you will always own. Each piece of content can be hosted on your site forever gaining all important clicks from various channels – which is another great reason to have a website!

Websites for Businesses offer Flexibility you can’t get from Social Channels  

Although social channels are brilliant for showcasing your products or services, a website can give you the flexibility that socials can’t.

  • There are no limits on the type of content you can use – on Instagram you are limited to images and Videos, TikTok is videos only. With a website you can create blog posts, white papers, PDFs, infographics, photos, videos, contact forms and more. Social media can limit your content types whereas a website doesn’t.
  • There are no image size restrictions you are bound to
  • Your website can be far more branded, using company colours and logos
  • Your content length isn’t capped

The amount of freedom you can have with your website is second to none.

And don’t forget to link your websites to your social media channels – it’s a two way street!

A Website Means You Are Visible on Google

Although some aspects of social media flow through into Google (and other search engines), the majority of the content stays on the platform.

But, if you want to try something new, or are looking for anything what is the first thing you do? You “Google it” right? If you don’t have a business website you will not be in the running for appearing in search engine results pages. And your competitors might.

You may have heard of the phrase “search engine optimisation” or SEO, this is a marketing skill which helps get clicks to your website from search engines. There are many different aspects to this and it can get quite complicated! One of the aspects involves your social media presence; Social media works hand in hand with SEO, if links are being sent to and from your website and your social media channels and people are clicking on them it can give a real boost to both assets. It can be a slow process but if you start today you will see the results sooner.

Of course this is just one aspect of SEO – find out more about SEO basics in our future blog posts.

Websites can also be integrated into Google Maps so you can give people the location of your business. This makes it easier for people to find you and can make your business look more trustworthy.

Another Touch Point for Your Customers

A website is another place where customers can find out more about you and your business, get more from your brand.

Your website is a window into your business where customers and prospects to get an insight into who you are and what you do. The more touch points and ways you can give people to contact you and connect with your business the better.

If you still have questions about why your business needs a website then please contact us, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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