Why is SEO Important for B2B?

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – has become a real buzz word within business and is growing further into the B2B (Business to Business) sector.

However, investing in SEO is less common in B2B. Often, business owners don’t see the point of investing in an activity where the rewards may not be reaped straight away. Some of the questions you may be asking…

“Why is SEO important for B2B?”

“My clients don’t use Google”

“Word of mouth is still so important, we don’t need SEO”

“it’s too expensive – how can we measure the ROI?”

These are just some of the reasons businesses don’t want to invest in SEO. However, at the rate that the world is changing, search engines are becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. B2B organisations should be investing in SEO, and here’s why…

Why is SEO important for B2B? Customer Buying Journeys

We know through marketing that every purchase consists of a customer buying journey. Each buying journey starts with an information gathering and research phase. During this phase customers find out all they can about the product, what it is, where it is used, why it is used etc.

Whilst researching, the likelihood of the customer using search engines to find out information about the item they are considering purchasing is very high. Whilst this whole process is very common and widely known about in B2C (business to consumer) the researching phase also happens in B2B. Even in B2B, it is people who are purchasing, when they are looking for information on a product/service then they are very likely to use a search engine.

Therefore, investing in SEO to ensure your website has some rich content about your products will mean you catch your prospects at this point in their buying journey.

Other Reasons why SEO is Important for B2B

Now, not every click to your site will result in a sale, however, whilst increasing your clicks to your website from search engines you are;

Increasing your Visibility: The increased visibility which comes from investing in SEO will increase your exposure to potential customers. As your site becomes more visible, the interaction rate will also increase which will then lead to visibility increasing further.

Enhancing your Brand Credibility: Ranking high in search engine results can help your brand to gain credibility and authority in the industry. If everyone can find you easily online, this can help attract new customers, build trust with existing ones, and establish your company as a thought leader in your field.

More Sales and Success: although every click won’t lead to a sale, the more traffic your site gains, more sales will come. Especially if you invest your time and SEO efforts into proven, white hat SEO strategies.

How Bubble Can Help

At Bubble, SEO is one of the services we offer for many of our existing customers. Many of these are working in B2B industries. We have increased impressions and clicks for our clients through the use of information rich content and technical SEO skills.

Are you ready for SEO to grow your B2B sales? Then contact Bubble today to start your journey!

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