WordPress: More than just that pre-built theme!

Chances are you have probably heard of WordPress before, but what springs to mind when you think of WordPress? Many people still believe that WordPress is just another content management system (CMS) that uses pre-built themes to create a reasonably standard and dull website, whereas in reality, that really is the tip of the iceberg.

WordPress dominates the internet for a reason. For one, WordPress is indeed free. A good CMS is worth paying for, but that is definitely a bonus. The main reason WordPress is up at the top however, is its perfect balance of ease-of-use, and all that complicated behind-the-scenes stuff.

Bespoke themes can be coded on WordPress, that have functionality that would suit the most unique of websites, but it is all editable through one easy-to-use interface. Not only does this make the content more manageable, but also allows anyone and everyone with access to update and add content frequently, which is a key aspect of making your site more visible online. As well as WordPress making it more manageable, website addons called plugins are great ways to add functionality and components to your site fast.

Our favourites plugins

Advance Custom Fields (ACF)

ACF might not be the coolest of plugins, but it is almost vital in every build. Although simple, ACF allows you to add a range of content to your page in many ways. This includes colour pickers allowing you to change the theme colour of certain pages with one click, Google map embeds, Checkboxes and buttons, files, standard content areas and more. Although this might sound unbelievably basic, ACF is free and easy to set up, making this a go-to time saver that has hundreds of uses.

Caldera Forms

A form, although simple, has many use cases and form fields you could include. You might need a user registration form, a subscriber list, or a simple contact form, but coding these forms would not only be less efficient, but would also make the fields impossible to change by anyone besides, well… the geeks. Changing and adding forms with Caldera is simple, quick and all in one code-free area, as well as being easy to style in any way possible to suit your brand.


Yoast is the all-in-one WordPress solution to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A website, no matter how fancy it might be, is useless if it can’t be found by the people who need it. That’s where Yoast comes into the picture. Yoast will analyse your content and give you feedback on what you can change to make sure your webpage is SEO friendly, meaning you are more likely to rank higher for the searches that really matter. As well as the content analysis, Yoast also allows you to easily change a webpages title and description, while ranking your overall page based on a traffic light system.


WooCommerce might not be relevant for every site, but if you need to sell products, WooCommerce is the ultimate eCommerce solution for WordPress. WooCommerce allows you to easily manage sales and add products to your website through the WordPress dashboard. Furthermore, WooCommerce is a total solution, having secure payment methods built in.

There truly are 100s of reasons WordPress should be considered as the CMS for your site. Whether your site is eCommerce, a blog site or even just a portfolio site, WordPress has a simple and secure solution that can be edited by anyone and everyone within your business (Don’t worry, WordPress’s user roles feature will make sure people can only edit what you allow them to edit!).

So if you would like to see how WordPress can maximise your online presence and be carefully crafted to create an exceptional user experience give us a call to see how Bubble can make your business stand out from the crowd.

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